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MBA (Full Time) 


Distribution of course subjects     Specialisation groups


Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 3

Semester 4

BM-101 BM-201 BM-301 BM-401
Business Environment Business Legislation Organisational Effectiveness & Change International Business
BM-102 BM-202 BM-302 BM-402
Principles of Management Financial Management Production and Operations Management Management Information Systems
BM-103 BM-203 BM-303 BM-403
Organisational Behaviour Marketing Management Project Study Ethos & Values for Managers
BM-104 BM-204 BM-304 BM-404
Managerial Economics Managerial Skill Development Business Policy & Strategic Analysis Summer Training Report
BM-105 BM-205 BM-305 BM-405
Accounting for Managers Entrepreneurial Development Specialisation Specialisation
BM-106 BM-206 BM-306 BM-406
Human Resource Management Quantitative Technique Specialisation Specialisation
BM-107 BM-207 BM-307 BM-407
Computer Applications in Management Research Methodology Specialisation Specialisation

Specialisation Groups and Related Papers   Distribution of Course 

BM-3051  Consumer Behavior
BM-3061  Marketing of Services and Rural Marketing
BM-3071  International Marketing
BM-4051  Strategic Marketing
BM-4061  Advertising and Brand Management
BM-4071  Sales and Distribution Management
BM-3052  Management of Industrial Relations
BM-3062  Legal Framework Governing IR
BM-3072  HRD Strategies and Systems
BM-4052  Compensation Management
BM-4062  Cross Culture and Global Human Resource Management
BM-4072  Organisational Change and Intervention Strategies
BM-3053  Financial Decision Analysis
BM-3063  Security Analysis, Investment and Portfolio Management
BM-3073  International Financial Management
BM-4053  Management of Financial Services
BM-4063  Corporate Taxation
BM-4073  Working Capital Management
BM-3055  Management Support Systems
BM-3065  Systems Analysis and Design
BM-3075  Database Management Systems
BM-4055  Telecommunication for Business
BM-4065  Enterprise Resource Planning
BM-4075  Security Control Information System
BM-3054  Government Business Interface
BM-3064  Small Business Marketing
BM-3074  Financing of Small Business
BM-4054  New Enterprise Management
BM-4064  Entrepreneurial Development
BM-4074  Small Business Environment and Management

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